Honeymoon in Bali – Day 20, 21, 22


Wed – Friday January 25 – 27. 2017

Breakfast at our final accommodations we quite good with lots to choose from and buffet style means Guy can eat as many croissants as he wants (and some days ONLY croissants LOL!). My favorite part was the coconut jam πŸ™‚20170124_171400

Well….. our plans to surf were unfortunately short-lived, as the waves were beyond our ability to learn and improve on, as the shore didn’t have a slight grade to it, but instead irregular levels causing short and intense breaks…. more suitable for experienced surfers.


We had another one of those 15 minute rain episodes, and as a result, when Guy went to take the boards back to the rental place, he slipped on the tile and fell hard on his elbow. Of course I have to get him a Bintang before we carefully tried again in an hour, hehe.

As a result we did a little, but not a lot, and got tossed around quite a bit. We did a bit of boogie boarding and had some other adventures as well!

We decided to rent a scooter and ride a bit north to visit Old Mans resto as we had heard it was good. it was a hopping little place with huge portions and great-looking food, owned by Aussies. Recommend it πŸ™‚ Here is Guy playing ping pong with a nice fella from Argentina.20170125_195728

After we left Old Man’s, we started up the road to head towards Seminyak, and our scooter started failing but we couldn’t figure out what was wrong…. until Guy looked in the gas tank and saw that it was dry, despite the gauge indicating it had lots of fuel. Thankfully that was all it was, as the only plan would have been to leave it there and rent another from the rental we broke down in front of (lucky) and carry on, letting the owner know by phone where we left it. Guy walked up the road and got some fuel in an absolute bottle (you will see fuel in liquor bottles and water bottles quite a bit in Bali).20170125_205522

We carried on, on a mission en route to Seminyak, to find a grocery store that wasn’t sold out of the Rendang spice that we had discovered at the Garden Cafe on Gili Air part-way into our trip. Oh, was it a happy moment when we FINALLY found some! If you want to make this dish, we highly recommend the Indofood brand of Rendang spice blend. I am going to find out if we have it at one of our local markets who carry some of this type of thing. If you go over to Bali, PLEASE pick some up if you see it! We bought everything they had in stock! LOL! (this lovely gal may have thought we were a little nutty).20170125_215707

When we arrived in Seminyak, we quickly noticed that there are more people in this area. It is quite a bit busier than the stretch of beach just north of here where we are staying in Canggu. Of course, we settled in to have something to eat at the beach and take in the sites.

…. even got a little henna art to go home with…..20170125_233402

When it was time to go, we got hit with a sudden and strong windstorm, which quickly became a sandstorm. We got out of there asap, as did everyone else. You can get a bit of a feel from it in the video….

We landed back at the Garage again before finishing at the hotel, as we just had to have the Calamari there again before leaving tomorrow. Se we did just that, covered in a carpet of sand, hehe…. Like we said before, its hard to tell just by looking at it how good it is. We aren’t sure what they have in the breading, but the squid itself is so fresh and tender as well…. yummmmmmm20170126_035120

Woke up on our final morning. Tried boogie boarding and got beat up some more… I had sea water coming out of my nose for about and hour after I decided not to go back in, LOL!

We checked out, stored our bags, headed up the road for our last hour and had our last Bintang and, you guessed it…. 3 more orders of that calamari! LOL! It is the only way to send yourselves off into a taxi to head to the airport to fly home… we most certainly indulged where we wanted to, and had a truly amazing time. So grateful for this experience and will definitely be back!

Guy and I will sit down together and write out a summary of some of the key things we learned, and will pass them along to those thinking of traveling to Bali for their first time, as we have had some requests for this. We were fortunate enough to have some friends of the family meet with us to give us tips and suggestions which helped us very much. Stay tuned for the final post on our Bali Honneymoon ❀


Honeymoon in Bali – Day 19


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Woke up and said goodbye to Ubud. Called our driver (we adopted him as our driver after we found him on Uber ;-P ) who picked us up and took us to the West coast town of Canggu, on the north end of the famous Kuta beach. We decided to spend our last 3 nights on the beach at Legong Keraton Beach Hotel, planning to do some surfing, which we fell in love with in Sayulita, Mexico. The place is quite nice and clean an one of the larger, more modern places we stayed.


We decided to walk down the beach to see what was around and what the prices were for renting a board and perhaps taking a surfing lesson. We found many options, and as we walked north we found a busier spot for that evening, as there was a stage set up with a band playing…. guess what…. Reggae again, my fav πŸ™‚ We had a Bintang and some AMAZING bbq’d corn while watching the surfers as the sun was setting and listened to the band πŸ™‚20170124_01394320170124_02522520170124_03072820170124_024301


Pretty relaxing day ❀

Honeymoon in Bali – Day 18


Monday, January 23, 2017

As planned, a nice long sleep in ❀ Had breakfast and decided that today would be honeymoon spa day! Went for a nice walk to the south-east corner of central Ubud is and visited Jaens Spa. We spent the next 4.5 hours being pampered and fed lunch.photo_61


Headed to the monkey forest for one more encounter with these amazing creatures and walked around in search of the restaurant where we would enjoy our last dinner in Ubud.


We found a fabulous place called De’Warung. We can’t say enough about this place. The staff were amazing and when you see the sign on the way in that says, “Coldest Beer in Bali”, they aren’t kidding! We have never had a beer this cold. We aren’t sure how they got it that cold without it freezing but people couldn’t hold on to the bottle!20170123_041857


Not to take away from the beer, but the cocktails here were also fantastic and very unique. Passion fruit & dragon fruit cocktails, lemongrass mojito, etc. Dinner was good too…. we had calamari, and an Indonesian style plate of nachos which looked like a little pizza. There was a live band playing as well, and I would have to say that of all of the bands we saw on this trip, they were my favorite πŸ™‚ Β Highly recommend this place!




We were on our way back to the home-stay when we came across the Laughing Buddha bar. If you are ever in Ubud, check this place out in the evening. this was this second time we walked by and they had a great band and it was so busy, people we spilling out into the sidewalk (which doubles as more bar space as there aren’t front doors on a lot of these places. We decided to go in and do some dancing. It was a great time! Recommend!20170123_062602

Once again, an amazing day! Thanks for a great time Ubud! We look forward to visiting again…. off to bed…..

Honeymoon in Bali – Day 17


Sunday, January 22, 2017

At 6:00 am our ride from “Adventure and Spirit out door adventures” picked us up and we headed about 1.5 hours north into the mountains and jungle of Bali. When we arrived at base camp, we were given breakfast and a quick run-down on some skills we would need for a day of canyoning. Then, off we went! We spent the next 4 hours, sliding jumping and rappelling down a beautiful canyon with waterfalls, rock slides and pools.

When we returned they fed us lunch, but not before Guy found that he has unknowingly been leech lunch in the sleeves of his wet suit, on each wrist.20170121_215119

They drove us back to Ubud and we walked through the market on our way back. Finished our gift shopping and had a really fantastic, coffee made from Balinese beans roasted that day on site. Good find!

We decided that we had earned a reflexology treatment with our physically demanding (poor us, LOL!) day. So we rolled up to a little hole in the wall place and relaxed for an hour….. well, guy relaxed. My reflexologist was very strong and I admit I was squirming around a bit and breathing through it at times.

Next stop, Bamboo Resto for a traditional Balinese style whole fire bbq’d duck dinner, which we had pre-ordered the day before. We met Puspa the chef/owner and were treated to some Balinese rice wine and some live music as well…. what a feast!

It was a fabulous day and we are so full and pooped….. off to bed and and sleep-in tomorrow πŸ™‚


Honeymoon in Bali – Day 16


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Woke up Early and headed for breakfast finishing up in time for our Uber driver to arrive to take us to Ubud πŸ™‚ Excited!Β Interested to see what the “heart” of Bali is like. When we arrived, we ducked into a cafe for a coffee and a smoothie and to use their wifi. Using the awesome Agoda App as usual we made a decision on accommodation and scheduled Canyoning for tomorrow! Can’t wait! Threw on the packs and checked into our hotel, which I wish I had some photos of. In Ubud especially, it seems that there are a large number of hotels and home-stays that look like they are part temple. They don’t have the modern resort appearance, but have so much warmth and character, with all of the amenities like AC, hot shower, pool, wifi and breakfast included. This is the side street our place was at the end of… you can see the offerings out front of the neighboring home-stays.Β 20170120_195824

Walking through Ubud we noticed that there is a lot of Yoga, Spas, Reflexology/massage, coffee, boutiques and bamboo clothing. As well as lots of food of course and restaurants/bars with live bands. It actually felt a little like Gas Town in Vancouver. People take their shoes off when entering most businesses.

Central Ubud is on a rectangle one way street route approximately 3 miles long. At the south-west corner is the famous Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary.warsa-garden-bungalows-map

We had previously been told of a great Mexican place in town which we managed to find… of course, being that it is one of our top favorite foods, and we had worked up a thrist and an appetite, we HAD to stop in for a Bintang and some food. We were impressed with the food as we weren’t sure about eating mexican food in Indonesia…. but it was excellent. Highly recommend!… but keep in mind, it gets busy πŸ˜‰


With full tummies we carried on picking up a few gifts (Ubud was the best place in our travels for this) and stopping in at the Monkey Forest. I fell immediately in love! They are so smart and agile and curious. The babies were absolutely ADORABLE! This one was really into my bracelets ❀

Had a nice evening further exploring Ubud and taking in the culture, as many people were out for Saturday night celebrating Saraswati (more on this on the next post). Unfortunately, Guy lost his phone somewhere along the way. We retraced our steps, but it was gone.

Off to bed to rest up for another big day tomorrow!

Honeymoon in Bali – Day 15


January 20, 2017

Woke up in our super neat room at OK Divers in Padang Bai, showered, packed up and checked out. They stored our bags and we had a fabulous healthy breakfast with coffee refills! πŸ™‚ We got gear up for our dives and met our hilarious and adorable dive master, Mali. He is just like a big kid and was so much fun to be around for our dives.2017-01-19-21-11-52-892

We proceeded to have 2 boats dives with a 1 hour surface interval which included sweet tea and crackers, cookies and fruit. The visibility was very good and the abundance of life was vast…. again! Octopus, reef shark, seahorse, titan trigger fish, blue spotted stingrays, lion fish, scorpion fish, frog fish, cow box fish, and much more.

When were all rinsed off and our gear handed back in, we ordered a pitcher of Bintang and hopped in the beautiful resort pool for a bit.20170120_012334


We decided after some visiting, to head off to our next destination… Keramus Beach, where we had heard of the famous night surfing! We walked around the area to haggle with the local taxi guys. This is when we learned about the divide between the local taxi “mafia” and how much they dislike Uber coming into their villages and stealing their business. In some situations, it is actually dangerous for Uber drivers to go into some areas, as they locals will do damage to their vehicles and show aggression.

We arranged a ride and arrived about 40 minutes later in Keramus Beach area at a little home-stay in the rice paddy fields, just off the beach. Has a coconut for hydration and an icecap, made with coconut milk which didn’t taste quite right 😦

We checked in, ordered dinner and watched the sun set over the rice paddy fields. Our dinner was a nice salad and an interesting pizza with toppings which included duck and spaghetti! Strange, but pretty good πŸ™‚


Headed down to the beach to see the famous night surfing. Upon arriving onto the beach, we discovered that there was nobody surfing that particular night :-(…. Β  BUT there IS a fabulous surf resort called Komune in the perfect spot along the Black sand beach. SOUNDS GOOD TO US!20170120_04011520170120_040716So, of course, we went to take part in the fun! We enjoyed a beautiful resort with a couple of fun drinks and watched the waves and a beach fire ❀

One of the drinks (of which I am sorry to say we didn’t get a photo) was a peanut better-tini…. omgosh that was delish! I DID get a pic of the ingredients! Have fun!20170120_053420

On our walk back to our little home-stay we were treated to a thunder and lightning storm to the west. I am sad to say that in a sync-gone-wrong from my phone, I lost the fun video we had of this.

Off to bed to rest up for our first day in the famous Ubud tomorrow! πŸ™‚

Honeymoon in Bali – Day 14


Thursday, January 19

We woke up in the most comfy bed of the entire trip, and showered, packed up and checked out, checking our bags into a holding room till later. Grabbed breakfast, and hopped on the scooter for a 25 minute ride over to Tulumben, where our dive sites are located. We arrived at Dive Concepts in time to get geared up for our first dive on the USS Liberty! This is us with our dive master, Yomo. He was great! 20170119_123949The 2 dives we did this day were shore dives, the only ones of the trip… the others were all boat dives. The shipwreck is so close to shore that you can see a lot of it from the surface snorkeling, and a little more of it free-diving.uss-liberty-shipwreck-tulamben-snorkeling-tour

Our dive was 54 for minutes with a max depth of 25 meters. We saw so much life, and the visibility was great! These pix aren’t mine, but are of this dive…. beautiful! Parrot fish, baby moray, titan trigger fish, big grouper, leaf scorpion fish, mantis shrimp, and much more!

Between dives we had another version of Beef Rendang by a Sumatra native who was cooking in the kitchen at the dive shop. He taught us that rendang is actually a Sumatran dish, and made us his version. It was good πŸ™‚ Our next dive was at, what they call, “The Wall”. We entered the water a few hundred feet down the beach from the wreck entry point. Had another wonderful dive at max 28 meters for 65 minutes (apparently we are half fish, as we are doing really well on air consumption, allowing us nice, long dives πŸ™‚ ). Again, great visibility and much sea life! 2 octopus, lion fish, mantis shrimp, scad–fish (the kind that swim in huge groups in unison). (Again, these photos are borrowed as we didn’t have a camera, but are of this dive).


Headed back to Amed, grabbed the bags and hopped in the car with Ketut who we hired to drive us to Candidasa. Although our scooter ride back from Tulumben was a soaker, due to a quick tropical storm, the drive through the jungle of mount Batur was sunny and absolutely stunning. We were treated to views of miles of rice paddy fields.20170118_221412


We came across a water temple en route, so of course we HAD to see it! In front of the gate there was an animal tamer with some beautiful creatures who we were able to interact with πŸ™‚

Inside of the temple there were many beautiful tropical plants and flowers…

…. and some interesting statues.


We were dropped off in Candidasa to explore and see about scuba diving, as there are some GREAT spots around here and Padang Bai (the next bay south of Candidasa). 20170119_001715We met Shirley at Temple Cottages and although we chose not to stay there, we had a great visit with her and she taught us more about the different kinds of Arak.
We heard her crazy story about how she came from Australia and became an Indonesian Citizen, bought a bottle of nice ARAK from her, and said goodbye.


We hopped in a car and were driven over to a dive resort called OK Divers in Β Padang Bai which after much research, we decided to splurge on. We checked in, set up the dives for tomorrow, and found an authentic little restaurant down the beach road for dinner.

Had some new items which were very good, followed by the staple dessert of Pisang goreng (fried bananas and ice cream) and headed to bed to rest up for 2 more dives tomorrow…. LUCKY US! πŸ™‚