Honeymoon in Bali – Day 15


January 20, 2017

Woke up in our super neat room at OK Divers in Padang Bai, showered, packed up and checked out. They stored our bags and we had a fabulous healthy breakfast with coffee refills! 🙂 We got gear up for our dives and met our hilarious and adorable dive master, Mali. He is just like a big kid and was so much fun to be around for our dives.2017-01-19-21-11-52-892

We proceeded to have 2 boats dives with a 1 hour surface interval which included sweet tea and crackers, cookies and fruit. The visibility was very good and the abundance of life was vast…. again! Octopus, reef shark, seahorse, titan trigger fish, blue spotted stingrays, lion fish, scorpion fish, frog fish, cow box fish, and much more.

When were all rinsed off and our gear handed back in, we ordered a pitcher of Bintang and hopped in the beautiful resort pool for a bit.20170120_012334


We decided after some visiting, to head off to our next destination… Keramus Beach, where we had heard of the famous night surfing! We walked around the area to haggle with the local taxi guys. This is when we learned about the divide between the local taxi “mafia” and how much they dislike Uber coming into their villages and stealing their business. In some situations, it is actually dangerous for Uber drivers to go into some areas, as they locals will do damage to their vehicles and show aggression.

We arranged a ride and arrived about 40 minutes later in Keramus Beach area at a little home-stay in the rice paddy fields, just off the beach. Has a coconut for hydration and an icecap, made with coconut milk which didn’t taste quite right 😦

We checked in, ordered dinner and watched the sun set over the rice paddy fields. Our dinner was a nice salad and an interesting pizza with toppings which included duck and spaghetti! Strange, but pretty good 🙂


Headed down to the beach to see the famous night surfing. Upon arriving onto the beach, we discovered that there was nobody surfing that particular night :-(….   BUT there IS a fabulous surf resort called Komune in the perfect spot along the Black sand beach. SOUNDS GOOD TO US!20170120_04011520170120_040716So, of course, we went to take part in the fun! We enjoyed a beautiful resort with a couple of fun drinks and watched the waves and a beach fire ❤

One of the drinks (of which I am sorry to say we didn’t get a photo) was a peanut better-tini…. omgosh that was delish! I DID get a pic of the ingredients! Have fun!20170120_053420

On our walk back to our little home-stay we were treated to a thunder and lightning storm to the west. I am sad to say that in a sync-gone-wrong from my phone, I lost the fun video we had of this.

Off to bed to rest up for our first day in the famous Ubud tomorrow! 🙂


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