Honeymoon in Bali – Day 20, 21, 22


Wed – Friday January 25 – 27. 2017

Breakfast at our final accommodations we quite good with lots to choose from and buffet style means Guy can eat as many croissants as he wants (and some days ONLY croissants LOL!). My favorite part was the coconut jam 🙂20170124_171400

Well….. our plans to surf were unfortunately short-lived, as the waves were beyond our ability to learn and improve on, as the shore didn’t have a slight grade to it, but instead irregular levels causing short and intense breaks…. more suitable for experienced surfers.


We had another one of those 15 minute rain episodes, and as a result, when Guy went to take the boards back to the rental place, he slipped on the tile and fell hard on his elbow. Of course I have to get him a Bintang before we carefully tried again in an hour, hehe.

As a result we did a little, but not a lot, and got tossed around quite a bit. We did a bit of boogie boarding and had some other adventures as well!

We decided to rent a scooter and ride a bit north to visit Old Mans resto as we had heard it was good. it was a hopping little place with huge portions and great-looking food, owned by Aussies. Recommend it 🙂 Here is Guy playing ping pong with a nice fella from Argentina.20170125_195728

After we left Old Man’s, we started up the road to head towards Seminyak, and our scooter started failing but we couldn’t figure out what was wrong…. until Guy looked in the gas tank and saw that it was dry, despite the gauge indicating it had lots of fuel. Thankfully that was all it was, as the only plan would have been to leave it there and rent another from the rental we broke down in front of (lucky) and carry on, letting the owner know by phone where we left it. Guy walked up the road and got some fuel in an absolute bottle (you will see fuel in liquor bottles and water bottles quite a bit in Bali).20170125_205522

We carried on, on a mission en route to Seminyak, to find a grocery store that wasn’t sold out of the Rendang spice that we had discovered at the Garden Cafe on Gili Air part-way into our trip. Oh, was it a happy moment when we FINALLY found some! If you want to make this dish, we highly recommend the Indofood brand of Rendang spice blend. I am going to find out if we have it at one of our local markets who carry some of this type of thing. If you go over to Bali, PLEASE pick some up if you see it! We bought everything they had in stock! LOL! (this lovely gal may have thought we were a little nutty).20170125_215707

When we arrived in Seminyak, we quickly noticed that there are more people in this area. It is quite a bit busier than the stretch of beach just north of here where we are staying in Canggu. Of course, we settled in to have something to eat at the beach and take in the sites.

…. even got a little henna art to go home with…..20170125_233402

When it was time to go, we got hit with a sudden and strong windstorm, which quickly became a sandstorm. We got out of there asap, as did everyone else. You can get a bit of a feel from it in the video….

We landed back at the Garage again before finishing at the hotel, as we just had to have the Calamari there again before leaving tomorrow. Se we did just that, covered in a carpet of sand, hehe…. Like we said before, its hard to tell just by looking at it how good it is. We aren’t sure what they have in the breading, but the squid itself is so fresh and tender as well…. yummmmmmm20170126_035120

Woke up on our final morning. Tried boogie boarding and got beat up some more… I had sea water coming out of my nose for about and hour after I decided not to go back in, LOL!

We checked out, stored our bags, headed up the road for our last hour and had our last Bintang and, you guessed it…. 3 more orders of that calamari! LOL! It is the only way to send yourselves off into a taxi to head to the airport to fly home… we most certainly indulged where we wanted to, and had a truly amazing time. So grateful for this experience and will definitely be back!

Guy and I will sit down together and write out a summary of some of the key things we learned, and will pass them along to those thinking of traveling to Bali for their first time, as we have had some requests for this. We were fortunate enough to have some friends of the family meet with us to give us tips and suggestions which helped us very much. Stay tuned for the final post on our Bali Honneymoon ❤


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