Honeymoon in Bali – Day 11


January 16, 2017

Had a nice sleep in again this morning and decided to jump on the bikes and head to a place we had found in a Gili island magazine, called Coco’s at Captain Coconuts, a newer guest house with some lovely healthy, organic and vegan options. It was about a 6 or 7 minute bike ride, and we rolled up on a wooden bench and read and enjoyed our unique treats.

Guy had a neat mish-mash called a “Buddha Bowl” with all healthy things as well as a salted Peanut butter and banana smoothie! I had “apple pie porridge” with a comfort drink with ginger and lemongrass and coconut milk and other goodies in it which was amazing! I have since lost my list of ingredients which was in it, but will be contacting them to find out so I can try to make it at home… it is called a “golden latte”. Sooooo good!

We left Coco’s after a relaxing and yummy couple of hours and headed back to the bungalow to grab our snorkel gear and bathing suits. We stopped by the bike rental to renew and also hit the ATM for some funding for the next couple of days. After researching all options, including credit card, money exchange here before leaving, etc, the best rate to exchange our money at seemed to be with-drawling

It’s fun to be in a small place with only walking, cycling and horse and cart to get around. It has a totally different feel. Here are the Gili ‘taxi’s’ waiting for business.20170115_225006

We rode on towards Bel-Air, a restaurant we had been at the other day and liked the seating right at the water, and stopped on the way at a few dive shops (there are soooooo many in Bali, Nusa and Gili islands) and discovered a shop and instructor we liked who it turned out didn’t have anyone else booked for the next day, and if we decided to go, it would be a private guided dive and we could decide which site we most wanted to dive.So we booked in with a swedish instructor named Jobe at Dream Divers, and headed over to Bel Air and settled in to a great spot in comfy beach recliners and ordered some pre-snorkel lunch. The sushi was good, as was the Indonesian fair, of course, but we didn’t find the couple American food choices we made to be the best ones, really. ESPECIALLY if you are in the burger business here in Canada! LOL!

After lunch we jumped in the water and were treated to a swim with a couple of sea turtles who were busy munching on coral in a few feet of water. Pretty neat to be able to see that without needing to be in scuba gear 🙂

We came back in, paid the bill and ride back towards the bungalow for a hot shower and a little rest before heading back out in the evening. 20170116_020918On our way back, we saw this storm threatening from over Lombok, so we hunkered down and relaxed for an hour to wait it out, although it didn’t come our way in the end, we had a nice bevy on the porch…. tough times, LOL!


We headed out again to Garden Cafe where we were going to have a Rendang lesson and learned that they couldn’t  make it happen after all. the did provide us with a recipe and funny enough, let us in on a secret spice blend packet that they use. Yay! Can’t wait to try this at home! Guy ordered something he had been wanting to try… Gado Gado, which is a vegetarian meal available on pretty much every menu in Bali/Lombok that we saw. They vary a bit from place to place, but you will most often get stir fried vegetables topped with a nice peanut satay type sauce, with tempeh (there is a lot of this there as well), tofu, sometimes egg and some other goodies. It is relatively healthy and a full meal for a veggie head 🙂


After dinner, we rode down to a resort which we knew was playing an outdoor movie, and it was starting to sprinkle so we went back to Bel-Air where they had Masterminds playing under cover. we had some tea and dessert and  watched a movie with the waves rolling up on the shore a few feet away….. pretty neat!

After the movie headed home with a food coma (again), LOL! Nighty-night! Another amazing day!


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