Honeymoon in Bali – Day 16


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Woke up Early and headed for breakfast finishing up in time for our Uber driver to arrive to take us to Ubud 🙂 Excited! Interested to see what the “heart” of Bali is like. When we arrived, we ducked into a cafe for a coffee and a smoothie and to use their wifi. Using the awesome Agoda App as usual we made a decision on accommodation and scheduled Canyoning for tomorrow! Can’t wait! Threw on the packs and checked into our hotel, which I wish I had some photos of. In Ubud especially, it seems that there are a large number of hotels and home-stays that look like they are part temple. They don’t have the modern resort appearance, but have so much warmth and character, with all of the amenities like AC, hot shower, pool, wifi and breakfast included. This is the side street our place was at the end of… you can see the offerings out front of the neighboring home-stays. 20170120_195824

Walking through Ubud we noticed that there is a lot of Yoga, Spas, Reflexology/massage, coffee, boutiques and bamboo clothing. As well as lots of food of course and restaurants/bars with live bands. It actually felt a little like Gas Town in Vancouver. People take their shoes off when entering most businesses.

Central Ubud is on a rectangle one way street route approximately 3 miles long. At the south-west corner is the famous Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary.warsa-garden-bungalows-map

We had previously been told of a great Mexican place in town which we managed to find… of course, being that it is one of our top favorite foods, and we had worked up a thrist and an appetite, we HAD to stop in for a Bintang and some food. We were impressed with the food as we weren’t sure about eating mexican food in Indonesia…. but it was excellent. Highly recommend!… but keep in mind, it gets busy 😉


With full tummies we carried on picking up a few gifts (Ubud was the best place in our travels for this) and stopping in at the Monkey Forest. I fell immediately in love! They are so smart and agile and curious. The babies were absolutely ADORABLE! This one was really into my bracelets ❤

Had a nice evening further exploring Ubud and taking in the culture, as many people were out for Saturday night celebrating Saraswati (more on this on the next post). Unfortunately, Guy lost his phone somewhere along the way. We retraced our steps, but it was gone.

Off to bed to rest up for another big day tomorrow!


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