Honeymoon in Bali – Day 12


January 17, 2017

Got up and had a relaxing start to the day, drinking coffee (the real kind ;-p) at a ‘cafe’ on Gili Air right at the harbor, called “Coffee and Thyme”. Late morning we headed down the village to Garden Cafe one final  time to say goodbye to the staff we had met, and pick up our Rendang recipe. 20170116_034411We love some of the menus with their grammar and descriptions! LOL!

Goofing around as usual!

Went back to Dream Divers and confirmed conditions and visibility was decent and planned for a 1:30 dive with them at Hans Reef (which they call Frog-fish Point). They have a great sense of humor on this island 🙂20170116_212628


We headed back to the Thai place where we got the cooking lesson, and had lunch, and of course it was fabulous 🙂 … and so is the view. 20170117_022500.jpgSaid goodbye to Sahar and Sadi and headed back to the dive shop to head off.

We had an amazing dive again! Duration was 55 minutes and we saw many great creatures… octopus, cuddle fish (which was putting on a cool color change show), Sea turtles, 2 moray eels, lion fish and much more! 20170116_212651

We headed back to the bungalow and had a dip in the pool and a shower and relax time before heading out again for dinner. Gili Air is great because there are so many great places to choose from and some nights you can find a live band, but all nights you can access a seafood barbecue at several of the restaurants, as well as a movie at 1 or 2 of the spots who have added a screen to their seating area.

We decided on a seafood barbecue at a restaurant further down the island that was featuring an acoustic band. The fish was absolutely fantastic! The cocktail was good too, wasn’t it Guy, lol!


We had a little visitor. There are a LOT of these kitty cats around the islands who mooch for food. This one was a mamma and we slipped her a little bit of fish skin. 20170117_052954

The desserts are fabulous as well. They have a lot of banoffee pie here in Gili strangely enough, and in varying forms. Some was very good! Our favorite dessert, hands-down, was the Pisang Goreng. It was everywhere, and in most places really good. Banana in a kind of waffle batter deep fried and drizzled with honey, chocolate or caramel sauce and served with ice cream….. so delicious. It seems to be the dessert staple in Bali and Lombok.


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