Honeymoon in Bali – Day 10


January 15, 2017


Woke up after a nice long 11 hour sleep, and the rain that has been falling through the night and early morning hours has stopped. Had some breakfast and then headed for a jog around the  outside of the island. It was a good 45 mins of cardio and beautiful scenery 🙂 After a shower, we went to the main little “cafe” by the boat harbor and had a cappuccino and some fruit. Guy found a local islander with some mangosteens for cheap, so we enjoyed those as well.


We headed to the Thai restaurant where we had eaten a couple of nights ago and loved it! They agreed to give us a cooking lesson in the kitchen for our 2 meals that we were having, Massaman Noodles and Chicken Krapow. We went into the kitchen and they walked us through it as I video recorded it all. We learned about some ingredients and cooking techniques which are new to us. The food was amazing of course and they have the coldest Bintang we have found as well. 20170114_223013We gave a small monetary gift (a nice tip, which is generally included in their bill, but we wanted to treat them with a little extra) each to the 2 servers, Sahar and Sadi, who had looked after us as well as to the kitchen leader to share with his team who supported him during our cooking lesson.20170116_2008272017-01-14-23-17-27-421 The kitchen guys and gals jumped up and down and danced and laughed. ❤ These young people make the equivalent to about $170 / month for the first year, which is raised after that, but they work usually 6 days / week minimum 8 hours a day. They are all from the larger island, Lombok, so are working away from their families, and if they can afford it they head home across the water for their day off and come back to Gili Air for 6 more days. They don’t complain, and are grateful to have a job. This is us with Sahar in the taller photo and Sadi in the other, who’s birthday it was on this day 🙂


When we were finished, we headed south down the island in search of Blue Marlin dive shop, where I had seen an intriguing sign on my jog this morning. 20170114_235646

We are usually IPA lovers, and for the most part the only beer you can get here in most restaurants is Bintang, which is a pilsner. It’s not bad, it’s just not IPA, hehe. So when I saw this sign, I was excited to bring Guy back here later in the day. We discovered that Bali has its first microbrewery and IPA actually stands for Indonesia Pale Ale here, LOL. It was fun to try, and wasn’t bad. The mango Ale was quite sweet and very refreshing…. might actually be really nice over ice. This is golden spider with markings that look like terminator shades on joined us as well.



We left Blue Marlin, and didn’t get far before we saw a $10 massage on the beach, so we had an hour of pampering…. wow, life is tough right now, LOL! Left there and ride our bikes through the inner island “roads” and pathways towards our home base. En route we saw a solar power plant and some more residential areas. (Lost my pictures of the homes 😦 ).20170115_015855

We got back to the bungalow and had a shower and headed out again to the Garden Cafe for some more of that amazing Rendang! We got to know Roby Williams (our server) and Jamil the bartender. They were sweet and told us about their life and families in Lombok as well. Jamil’s uncle makes honey on Lombok, the main large island which the 3 Gili Islands, Trawangan, Meno and Air are a part of (Gili means small island). Most of the staff at the businesses here are from Lombok. Roby offered to teach us how to make the rendang as he works as a cook at Garden Cafe as well. We arranged to come back tomorrow and learn. Excited as their recipe is fabulous!

As we continued on through the village after dinner, we stopped as a group off staff from the Chill Out restaurant were performing a happy birthday song with instruments, which were kitchen equipment mostly. It sounded great!


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