Honeymoon in Bali – Day 7


January 12, 2017


Woke up early again and headed for a power walk up the road to get the blood moving. It was busy on the road with parents taking their children to school on the scooters and others out preparing their offerings. I picked up a couple of smoothies at Bali Eco Deli and a coffee and Guy had a lounge on the beanbag chairs on the sand in front of the restaurant. The staff were cleaning off the restaurant deck as the large waves from last night washed sand, coral, and shells up into the restaurant.

20170111_172156We packed our things and at 9:00 headed to say goodbye to Taissa and buy some dive photos from her. We really enjoyed her personality and hope to see her again one day 🙂

We arranged our ride with Achie, our new Traci Bungalows/Angus Shipwreck Restaurant friend. He brought out the golf cart and gave us a lift down the to boat, got us checked in and headed off.

A few other pix I took of little things that caught my eye here at Nusa Lembongan…


On the ferry….2017-01-11-21-04-29-890


2.5 hours later, after a stop to drop some people off  and pick some up at Lombok, we landed on Gili Trawangan Island. Guy had been here 10 years ago, and was looking forward to seeing it again. After walking a short distance, he commented that it had changed quite a bit. Although the party/chill feel was still there, there was a lot more development and a different energy. I guess that happens as years pass. We went to his previous favorite spot and had a Bintang and a bite to eat, and I did a little haggling with one of the local bracelet guys.

We checked in to our very basic but clean and sufficient (perfect for us) little place called Ricel Home Stay. Had a shower and decided to got for a walk over to the west side of the island to check out the sunset. The walk so very interesting, again with a lot of contrast between the residential and developed tourist accommodations, etc. There we also coconut and banana farms and other agriculture along the way on this little island. Pretty neat!

Got to the west side and found a beanbag chair on the beach to relax and have a bite to eat and a mai tai and watch the sunset. We didn’t eat at this table but i’m including it as it is cute 🙂



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