Honeymoon in Bali – Day 6


January 11, 2017


Yay its diving day! Woke up to the alarm at 7am, headed for breakfast and to the dive shop to meet Taissa for 8:00am. We gathered our gear and headed out for 8:30. We tried Manta Bay and saw 2 mantas from the surface, but it was really busy so we opted to continue to manta point in hopes that there were mantas there as well and perhaps fewer boats and people in the water, as we were told that it was also a nicer dive all together. Our dive was 37 mins in total and we saw a MANTA!

What an amazing experience it was. it was a very large one, were guessing around 15 feet across its wingspan. We watched it swim around us, so graceful and beautiful. There were also many blue spotted stingrays around on the bottom. The visibility was good so we could see quite a distance and there was so much life.img_5489

Here is a link to a short video of the manta which our instructor filmed…

Our next dive was at Crystal bay. It was just as amazing in its array of beautiful creatures and corals to be seen. Taissa had a good camera so we were able to get some of these photos from her. If you look closely to the large photo here, you will see an octopus 🙂

We saw a moray eel, octopus and a sea turtle as well as many other beautiful life forms again. Clownfish, red snapper, giant trivally, catfish, etc, etc.

Some more video links for some other great clips of our awesome dives ❤

img_5486After the dives, we relaxed with a couple of Bintangs and looked into getting Guy a deep dive mini course.

We went to Nitya Homestay restaurant for dinner and ate a silly amount of food including my favorite dessert yet which was “Pisang Goreng” deep fried banana with ice cream. soooooooo good. The bananas here are unreal. the flavor is nothing like we get at home. After a large Bintang beer, a glass of wine, a large soup, a salad, 2 mains and the dessert we paid $22… love eating at the local places. 🙂


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