Honeymoon in Bali – Day 5


January 10, 2017


I got up at 6:30 and let Guy sleep in as I headed for a walk north up the beach. I found some beautiful coral… the red is such a brilliant shade.20170109_151014 It was quite an enlightening walk, as the contrast was vast. The first 150 yards were mini resorts, home stays and bungalows with little restaurants and some with pools… it quickly switched to a neighborhood which was very telling as to how little these people have and live on. There are no floors or windows in their homes and no tables or chairs to eat… they sit on the ground or a little platform of wood, for those who have one.



When Guy woke up we headed to Bali Eco Deli for a drink and a snack for the ferry ride over to Gili Trawangan. When grabbing water for the ride at the little store, we got to chatting with a man from Darwin who was sharing about the diving and his son getting his open water. Something caused us to go look into the diving, being that the dive shop – Drift Divers – he was talking about was right in our back yard. We stopped there and just as we were about to leave for the boat to Gili T. we changed our plans and booked a refresher pool session for 4:30 and a double dive trip for the next day. We cancelled our boat booking and booked 2 more nights at Tarci Bungalows. Achie upgraded us to a nicer bungalow and we were excited! 2017-01-09-19-02-45-623

We relaxed and read and lounged in the pool with a Bintang until our 4:30 refresher with our instructor, Taissa. It went well and we were ready for tomorrow!

Off to Tigerlillies for dinner where we had a lovely chicken satay on lemongrass and a tasty dish with many green beans which we wraps in lettuce leaves to eat. Crepes for dessert while we waited for 10 mins of rain to pass before walking back to head to bed.


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