Honeymoon in Bali – Day 4


January 9, 2017


Woke up in the morning at out great beach bungalow and had breakfast (including Balinese coffee which is like a cross between instant and grounds mixed in) and headed to find a scooter to rent for the day for some exploring around Nusa Lembongan. Found one right behind out place from Kristen the laundry lady for $7.50 for the day.

We headed north and around the top of the island with the intention of taking the bridge over to Nusa Cenigan (the smallest of the 3 Nusa islands). When we got there we discovered that the bridge had collapsed and not been repaired yet, so we carried on. the scooter was a fabulous way to get around and pop into little areas most people wouldn’t go by car. We passed the seaweed farms on the south east corner of the island (video on my facebook page) and ended up at the little village with an “underground house” built over a 15 year period completing in 1976.

We paid a small donation to tour it. It was a neat network of 500 square meters of tunnels and caves with many openings in the ground and tunnels down into it for ventilation.

When we came out there was music playing out of a loud speaker mounted high up on the main temple in the village and there seemed to be much going on. People dressed in their best preparing for a happy event… a ceremony they said. We thought it looked like a wedding was going to take place perhaps. the music was moving. It was like we entered a different world.


Next stop was just around the next point. We approached Dream Beach on the south end of the island. True to our friends recommendation, it was truly beautiful. The setting was like a picture with cliffs surrounding a white, sandy beach with huge blue crashing waves. 20170108_205819We had lunch in the restaurant and tried Arak again which wasn’t as tasty this time. I have since learned that there are different versions of Arak around Bali, and much of it isnt very good. If you want to try this local spirit, they say that the low-end “sketchy” Arak is made from coconut and the nice smooth stuff is made with rice in Sanur. The recommended bottle comes in a box with a dragon on it and runs around $15.

After lunch we headed down the stairs and dove into the waves to play for a bit. The current was strong and after 7 or 8 minutes we realized we needed to get out as we were being dragged to a dangerous area fairly quickly.

As we were leaving, we came across this little sweet puppy. She was so sweet and playful and seemed to be a stray beach dog. Hopefully someone will rescue her ❤


We drove a few hundred yards and found Devils Tear, another powerful location where the water crashes in and around the eroding sandstone creating a rush of air and water before the water pulls back and surges again… this makes for quite a show! (video of this on my face book page).2017-01-08-23-14-15-736


The next place we arrived at was Mushroom Bay. A calm, pretty little bay with more of an emerald color to the water. It just clicked over 4pm and we saw a happy hour large Bintang for $3, so of course we relaxed for about 45 mins there after a short beach walk. 20170109_000309


The rest of our drive was just as pretty and we came around the corner and down the hill into the bay where we are staying in time to head to the islands ATM and to check on the fast boat situation for tomorrow morning as our plan is to head to Gili Trewangan in the morning. At this time a funeral came through with many people walking, singing and playing various local instruments like gongs etc. (no pic out of respect).

We had an issue with the ATM so we took our Canadian cash and went shopping around at different money exchanges to see what was the best rate we could find here. After some looking we found one that was exchanging at 9600 rupiah to the Canadian dollar, which was a little lower (4%) than we were hoping but sometimes you take what you can get.20170109_172545


We returned the scooter and showered and went to walk around to find some dinner. We stumbled across Bali Eco Deli… a place which is incredibly unique here. They promote eco-friendly practices like recycling, no use of plastic, 10% off your bill if you bring plastic bottles in to recycle, and very healthy organic food for fair prices. 20170109_030912We were quite happy to find this little gem and made a plan to come back in the morning to grab a snack for the ferry over to Gilis. We had a salad here and carried on. Ended up back at our place, as it is really a nice spot and fairly priced, and had a little pizza to share, and headed to bed. Fabulous day!



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