Honeymoon in Bali – Day 3


Sunday,  January 8, 2017


Woke up to our alarm at 7am as we were scheduled to be picked up by a tour company to be taken over to Nusa Lembongan island for a day of snorkeling and a mangrove tour. Packed our backpacks up and had one more lovely buffet breakfast at Ari Putri before bidding the hotel and Sanur beach area farewell as we move on to our next adventure!

When the representative from the tour company saw our back packs he was a little concerned as there was no room in the vehicle for any bags or luggage… it was a people carrier full of seats with no room to spare. We told him we would put them on our laps, and that worked out fine although it limited his rear-view mirror visibility a bit, hehe. When we got the the fast boats (ferries), we quickly realized that as we get to know the ways here, we will likely safe a few rupiah along the way, and have less of a need to use tour companies versus finding our own means to get places and negotiate activity prices.

After 45 mins we were on the smaller island of Nusa Lembongan, where we hopped onto the back of the snorkel company’s truck and zoomed off to their base on the north end of the island.

We were given a snack of friend bananas and coconut and headed out to 3 beautiful snorkel spots. It was so beautiful with countless species of tropical fish, corals and clear visibility. We also saw a few other cultural surprises 🙂

They brought us back for lunch, which was again, really good, and then took us for a mangrove tour. Guy and I chose to kayak 🙂

That was it for the day, so they packed us all up onto the trucks and told Guy and I that they would drop us at the hotel we had pre-chosen through our app (Agoda) on the way to dropping the others off at the ferry to head back… our next couple of days to take place here on Nusa Lembongan 🙂

We arrived at Tarci Bungalows and settled in. Its a great little place set right on the beach with a pool, restaurant, fantastic staff and service and all kinds of character. We have a family of kitties who are very talkative and fight in the night. The shower in our room is one temperature (which is alright as it is cooler and nice and refreshing, although it is the first salty shower we have taken. They don’t have the means at this place to buy the filtration system for full fresh so it is a nice healthy salty experience, LOL!

We went for a walk through the village and found some interesting spots like a cinema, vape shop, and a “gym” where the guys said girls never work out. Back at the Bungalows as evening set in we were treated to a seafood bbq and live music. The restaurant/patio area which is on the beach is lit up so beautifully in the evening. We had yummy desserts as well including a caramelized black rice pudding with coconut milk and berry ice cream 🙂




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