Honeymoon in Bali – Day 2


Saturday, January 7, 2017


Up for breakfast, which is included at this hotel. A nice buffet with mostly Indonesian selection as well as some staples life eggs and toast and fresh fruit. Coffee here is different, and their milk for coffee is typically condensed milk from a can. If you want to buy almond milk it is $8.70 for a liter.


Spirits are very expensive here due to government tax which has to do apparently largely with their religious beliefs. The Balinese don’t drink very much it appears. The price on the Grey Goose is in rupiah which is 10,000 to $1 CAD, so this works out to $152.50 CAD. On the menu the tequila ranges from $9 to $14 an ounce.



A glass of wine runs about $5 and the local beer (Bintang) is around $2 – $3 for a regular bottle and $4 – $5 for a large.



Had a relaxing wander around the local streets and back down to the beach through a resort, taking in the flowers and tropical plants and botanicals.

We lucked out and found a beach-side restaurant with quick service and excellent food. The flavors here are fabulous and the service is very friendly. Gratuity and tax are all include in the prices on the menu most of the time.



While walking the waterfront exploring and discovering food, we were hunted down by these two ladies looking to earn some rupiah giving us a massage on the beach. Pretty tough to turn down when you’re talking 80,000 rupiah ($8 CAD) each for an hour massage! So, you guessed it… we settled in for a fantastic massage, head to toe 🙂 They were great! Afterward, they each dragged one of us to their little “shop” to sell us something 🙂


20170106_205244Headed back to the hotel for a quick shower and back out to meet new friends for dinner. We ended up at a lovely restaurant called Charming. The atmosphere was fantastic and the service was excellent. We were brought little cold cloths for our faces and necks and little sweet drinks right as we sat down. The food was authetic and very good. Guy and I shared a spicy seafood soup and we shared a prawn curry dish and some John Dory fish with white wine, capers, garlic & shallots. The company was even better! These lovely folks were fabulous to meet and get to know and we look forward until the next time we meet ❤20170107_035837


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