Honeymoon in Bali – Day 1


Wednesday, January 4 – Friday, January 6, 2017


Excited for the journey ahead! Wednesday, Jan. 4 @ 11:00pm at YVR  ready to travel for 21 hours to our destination in a far away land called Bali!




Arrival in Taipei for a 3.5 hour layover, we both had about 6 hours sleep on the 11.5 hour flight and are feeling good other than some ankle swelling from the pressure on a long flight. Thursday, Jan. 5th went missing during the flight as we jumped into a time zone which is 16 hours ahead of Vancouver. So when we landed it was early Friday morning after leaving late Wednesday night. Grabbed a bite to eat and a coffee. and continued 5.5 more hours to Denpasar, Bali where we landed at 3:00pm Friday afternoon 🙂


Arrival at Bali was warm and beautiful. There was a bit of a thin haze of cloud in the sky which was just enough to take the edge off the heat of the direct sun. We threw our backpacks on and jumped in a taxi into “rush hour”. Mostly scooters with the local people heading home from work, as well as other vehicles bringing visitors from the airport to their various destinations. There were a couple of beautiful statues of their Gods along the way, and small temples dotted along the roadways. (It is right hand drive on the left side of the road here).


We were dropped off at our hotel, Ari Putri at Semawang, Sanur beach on the east coast (the only booking we have made for this trip, as we are ‘winging it’! 🙂 ) and the smell of incense filled the lobby. We checked in, dropped our bags, had a quick shower and headed out on foot to explore and find our first Bali meal.

Enjoyed a lovely Pad Thai with a coconut and a local spirit called Arak… with this meal I had it in a cocktail with lime juice and honey and it was pretty good… I have since had it and it was pretty unpleasant, hehe :-). What a setting for our first meal in this beautiful place 🙂 We watched young families play in the ocean and a boy and his mother exfoliating their skin with the sand. We also had our first little canine furry visitor… reminds us of our furry friends in La Manzanilla, Mexico. People are so friendly…In love with this place already! ❤


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